A little background

Violence was born…

The sky is raining blood man!!!

-Kvsari 200X

This was one of the original thoughts that a friend of mine once said, the Idea behind the Violence system was created on a 45 minute train ride back in the early 2000’s, The original premise was “what would a post rapture world look like?”, without the grace of God to protect the material world interference from demons would now be possible.

The concept followed that in areas’ where more violence  occurred it would be easier for the supernatural world to interact with the material world, by way of different (un)natural phenomena the first example being the sky raining blood, this could also have side effects of rising the dead or healing people depending on what skill level and specialty they had with the violence.  

the world would be a hell scape for most places with peaceful bubbles where civilization would grow, all corporal punishments would be taken outside of this area to deal with crime as not to stain the land with violence. 

As the violence would be taking the place of any “magic” system all skills that would be considered magic in other traditional settings would be done via the violence, to this end people would have to engage in the violence prior to being able to draw from it. there was lore that was created around fractions and how they perceived and manifested the skills and magics from the violence. 

The thing to remember however is regardless of what magics or skills, regardless of how they presented all came from a place of evil just a different flavor of it. there is so much more that was already fleshed out in this system that I am at my ripe old age loathe to waste it.

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