So it begins again

It would seem that I have unbelievably bad luck some time ago, the hosting service that I had my server set up with retired abruptly leaving no real time to realize this was happening I lost this site and all work attributed to the few projects I was working on at the time. 

So it’s back to the beginning, having said that I may have found a few people to help with my endeavor and I am hoping to make up for lost time in double time. so here we go again. the plan for this system is to have a nice bell curve for the randomized parts of the game with a solid and predictable uptick on skill. 

Some formulae floating around is SKILL + SKILL + 3d6, or perhaps SKILL + SKILL((d))6 I will update shortly on basic skill lists and derived skills that are in our current plans.  

Suffice to say coming into 2022 I plan to spend more time on this endeavor with all the garbage that happened last year hopefully we can back on track once I have updated some of the ruleset and pulled some of the lost details and moved in back in line I will update the site with the changes.

Welp that’s about all. until next update. – QuuX


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